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    In just 8 weeks from now, our goal is to give you a body you feel amazing in.

    A body you earned while enjoying every step of the process.

    Our meal plans are designed in a way that leave you with a sustainable system that works for your goals. You get SO much more than just the 8 weeks. What also comes with our plans is a transformed body AND mindset. It will become so easy for you to get to where you want to be.

    Want to know plan is best for you? Then listen up:

    If your goal is to…

    • Shred body fat while retaining the most amount of muscle
    • Lose weight in a sustainable way that leads to maintainable results
    • Reveal lean muscle definition
    • Make the journey of fat loss an enjoyable process
    • Transform your mindset towards fat loss
    • Feel lighter and more confident
    • Feel satisfied and not restricted while losing weight

    Then our 8-Week Fat Burning Meal Plan is for YOU!

    On the other hand, if your goal is to...

    • Feel and become stronger in your workouts
    • Build your physique and add "shape" to your body
    • Put on weight in a gradual, healthy way
    • Provide your body with optimal nutrition to compliment your training
    • See BOOTY gains

    Then our 8-Week Strong & Sexy Meal Plan is for YOU!

    We're so excited for you to get started! Just 8 weeks away from a completely transformed version of yourself.

    4 products
    8-Week Fat Burning Meal Plan
    liftHER Fitness
    8-Week On-The-Go Fat Burning Meal Plan
    liftHER Fitness
    8-Week Strong & Sexy Meal Plan
    liftHER Fitness
    8-Week On-The-Go Strong & Sexy Meal Plan
    liftHER Fitness
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