8-Week Fat Burning Meal Plan

Not only promising a transformed body but a transformed mindset, too.

Now listen closely, if your goal is to…

Shred body fat

Lose weight in a sustainable way that leads to maintainable results

Make the journey of fat loss an enjoyable process

Reveal lean muscle definition

Feel lighter and more confident

Transform your mindset towards fat loss

Feel satisfied and not restricted while losing weight

...Our 8-Week Fat Burning Meal Plan Is For YOU.

in just 8 weeks from now, our goal is to give you...
A body you feel AMAZING in.
A body you earned while enjoying every step of the process.

Our meal plans are designed in a way that provide you with a sustainable system that works for you and your goals.

You get SO much more than just the 8 weeks. What also comes with our plans is a transformed body AND mindset. It will become so easy for you to get to where you want to be.
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"I bought the liftHER readymade fat loss meal plan and it is life changing.

The plan taught me so much about portion control and being able to eat healthy while still enjoying foods you love without restrictions. All the meals were so easy to make and absolutely delicious.

I never felt hungry at the end of the day and had so much energy throughout the day. Overall, these meals made me feel amazing! I will always use these recipes and can’t wait to continue to support these girls and the amazing things they have coming!"

- Elizabeth B.

8-Week Fat Burning Meal Plan

8-Week Fat Burning Meal Plan

8-Week Fat Burning Meal Plan

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Women's 8-Week Fat Burning Meal Plan

If your main goal is to lose fat then you must know that your nutrition plays the most important role in your success. This 8-week plan is ideal for those looking to lean out and not only lose weight (which, often times can include water weight and muscle) but to specifically shed mostly body fat.

Loss of body fat requires a strategic approach which is exactly how this plan has been formulated. Not to mention, our non-restrictive approach to nutrition makes the process of fat loss enjoyable & simple for you.

The calories and macronutrients have been calculated to meet the needs of the average female. Combine this plan with one of our 8-week training programs for best results.

SPECIAL OFFER: You can receive this meal plan for a discounted price when you pair it with our 8-Week Bikini Body Shred Training Program, found under Packages

This plan does not take into account any specific dietary restrictions/allergies.

Please note, due to the downloadable PDF nature of this product, there are no refunds or exchanges. 

Upon purchasing, your plan will be delivered via email within 24 hours.

Happy Fat Loss!