8-Week Strong & Sexy Meal Plan

A curvy, strong body demands to be fuelled properly.
When it comes to putting on lean muscle...

Nutrition & Training Go Hand in Hand.

Compliment your 8-week meal plan with our 8-week booty building training program for a transformed, sexy physique

Now listen closely, if your goal is to…

Feel and become stronger in your workouts

Build your physique and add “shape” to your body

Put on weight in a gradual, healthy way

Provide your body with optimal nutrients to compliment your training

See BOOTY gains

...Our 8-Week Strong & Sexy Meal Plan Is For YOU.

Ladies, weight gain is not always a bad thing.

Ultimate 8-Week Booty Building Program

8-Week Strong & Sexy Meal Plan

8-Week Strong & Sexy Meal Plan

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Women's 8-Week Strong & Sexy Meal Plan

If you're aiming to put on lean muscle mass, then similarly to fat loss, your nutrition will make or break whether you succeed. When trying to grow your muscles in certain areas (we hear you peach squad!), it is absolutely crucial that you're feeding and fuelling your muscles in a proper way that promotes an environment for growth. 

Our 8-Week Strong & Sexy Meal Plan will provide you with exactly what you need to fuel muscle growth. 

Please note that muscle gain heavily depends on combination of a suitable weight lifting routine - combine this plan with one of our 8-week training programs for best results.

SPECIAL OFFER: You can receive this program for a discounted price when you pair it with our 8-Week Booty Building Training Program, found under Packages. 

The calories and macronutrients implemented into this plan are ideal for the average woman to gain muscle.

This plan does not take into account any specific dietary restrictions/allergies.

Please note, due to the downloadable PDF nature of this product, there are no refunds or exchanges

Upon purchasing, your plan will be delivered via email within 24 hours.

Happy Sexy Gaining!

8-Week Strong & Sexy Meal Plan

8-Week Ultimate Booty Building Package

8-Week Ultimate Booty Building Package

8-Week Ultimate Booty Building Package

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Ladies, when it comes to growing your glutes, there are 2 very important principles that will determine your success…

1. Having the right training structure and frequency

If your goal is to grow your glutes, then the way you structure your workout routine should completely revolve around that goal. 

There are several factors to take into account with your workouts to fuel booty growth. For example, it is super important to include an even balance of horizontal, vertical, and lateral/rotary loaded movements within your training. Not only that, but the frequency that you train as well as volume matters so much too!

2. Eating enough and the proper foods to fuel booty growth

Simply put, a calorie deficit is not ideal for building muscle.

You could be doing all of the glute targeted exercises in the world, but if your nutrition is not on point, then you won’t see many results from all of your hard work! Your calories AND macronutrients need to be in check to fuel glute development.

Taking all of this into account…

Our 8-Week Ultimate Booty Building Package is guaranteed to set you on the right path.

Our 8-Week Ultimate Booty Building Package includes both:

  1. 8-Week Strong & Sexy Meal Plan
  2. 8-Week Booty Building Training Program

SPECIAL OFFER: When you buy this package, you save $20!

Both programs have been specially formulated to take this very common and specific goal of many women into account. Remember, patience and consistency are KEY for building muscle as it does

take time. BUT, your time is valuable and you want to make sure you’re on the right track. With this package, we promise you will be.

Please note, due to the downloadable PDF nature of this package, there are no refunds or exchanges. 

Upon purchasing, your program will be delivered via email within 24 hours.

Happy Sexy Gains!